Check out some tips here for a good sleep!

We all know how important sleep is. It is the time in our lives that allows us to recharge and rebuild our energy tanks. It also gives us the much-needed opportunity to begin each day fresh. No one is exempt from the need for sleep. Even the most active people need to sleep.

This can be difficult if we are not getting the recommended amount of sleep. There are many ways to get the healthy and restful sleep that we all deserve.

This article will provide you with tips for better sleep and to get the recommended amount of sleep.

Sleep deprivation can be caused due to various factors such as sleep hygiene, lifestyle choices, work obligations and other medical conditions.

While these frames the major causes, voluntary and lifestyle choices are accounted to be the most common cause for sleep deprivation.  Habits like late night binge watching of TV, playing games on mobile phones, hinders in the sleep patterns leaving you sleep deprived.

Another reason accounted for the sleep deprivation is the work shift pattern. With covid times, there has been a huge shift in work patterns with many taking upon multiple jobs and many working in night shifts and ghost time which leaves people sleep deprived.

Signs of sleep deprivation include – excessive day sleep, poor concentration, slow coordination, worse memory, impaired decision making, low energy and mood swings such as anxiety, irritability and feeling stressed.

Tips for a good night sleep:

  1. Set a bedtime routine
  2. Avoid things that hinder your sleep such as electronic gadgets, caffeine, alcohol
  3. Have a consistent sleep routine
  4. Set your boundaries for social and work life.
  5. Utilize most of your day light and avoid day naps.