Five Feel Good Reads With Wholesome Vibes!

Reading is definitely one of the best recreational activity which can enhance our mood. It just takes you into another realm, putting you in the shoes of the protagonist, making you go through all sort of emotions that they has to go through.

So here are five feel good novels that can put on a smile on your face. Happy reading!

The Whalebone Theatre (2022)

Published in 2022, The Whalebone Theatre, written by Joanna Quinn which is a powerful, moving, compelling and beautifully written novel. It is a ravishing coming-of-age story set in the shadow of an oncoming war. The novel fizzes with invention and compassion as an ‘unmarriageable’ girl elects to defy convention and find her own path through life.

Skip To The End (2022)

Skip To The End, written by Molly James in 2022 is a romantic comedy novel which tells the story of Amy Daniels, a single young women leading a pretty nice life and how she ends up having a perfect love story after two breakups. It is a fun and light read to make your mood lighter.

The Language of Food (2014)

Originally published in 2014 and written by Daniel Jurafsky is the story of Eliza Action and her assistant Ann Kirby who collaborates to produce one of the greatest cookery books of all time. It is a beautiful story of food, recipes, and poetry. Moreover, it is the story of two women who want to dream of and do things that weren’t approved of in the time they wanted to do them or seemed far out of reach.

The Thursday Murder Club (2020)

Published in 2020, The Thursday Murder by Richard Osman is the story of four elderly friends living in a retirement village who meets regularly once in a week to look at cold cases and see if they can solve them. A brutal killing which takes place on their very doorstep, and them investigating it makes the novel more engaging and entertaining.

The Authenticity Project

The Authenticity Project is a very relatable and interesting novel written by Clare Pooley in 2020. It is the story of a solitary green notebook that brings together six strangers and leads to unexpected friendship, and even love.