Make These Changes In Your Study Room Today For A Better Academic Performance.

Have you ever thought your mental balance could play an important role in your academic life? Then yes, it can!

Ever wondered if there’s something else you could do other than just studying to get better grades? What if I ask your study room arrangements can help you improve your concentration? Well, it’s a Yes too!

You might have heard of Vastu Shastra, an ancient science of architecture which is important even today. It is considered to be a factor that induces positive cosmic energy into our abodes and affects our day-to-day lives in ways that we can’t otherwise imagine.

There are certain Vastu principles that needs to be applied in your study room which can set a conductive atmosphere to learn well, improve the levels of your stamina and concentration, and thus improve your academic performance.

There are certain factors like direction, colors, type or placement of furniture in the study room which can affect your energy level. Changes in these can make a lot difference in your concentration and focus while studying.

Now, lets see some Vastu tips for your study room and learn how to make the most of the positive vibrations in the space.

Directions of Study Room Vastu

  • The study room should be located in the north, northeast or east, as all the other directions tend to induce laziness, restlessness and a sense of tension in you.
  • Ensure you are facing the north, northeast or east while studying as it improves the grasping power or memory. It is not at all recommended to face the south.

Type of Room/Furniture Used

  • The study room should have only four corners, not five as it can cause mental obstructions or problems.
  • The shape of study table must be rectangle or square only. Its’ size should be medium and the ratio of length to breadth needs to be 1:2.
  • Ensure the study table does not have any sharp edges as it can bring negativity into the area.
  • Use good quality wood instead of glass in your study table.
    Image Credits: Architecture Ideas


  • Get rid of any broken furniture, calculators, pens .etc. to reduce negative vibes in the room.
  • Keep the area in front of study table open and spacious and avoid placing a mirror or bed in the study room.

Study Room Colors

  • Avoid using dark colors as they are considered ‘inauspicious’ as per Vastu experts.
  • Pastel, neutral or light shades are the best colors for study room according to Vastu. Colors like Yellow (knowledge), light green (commerce, Maths and banking), light pink (MBA Aspirant), light blue (law), white and cream (calmness and peace), lavender and light purple (strong memory) can be chosen.
Image Credits: Home Designs99
  • If your room is in the north, then pastel green is the best color. For a study room in the east, a combination of off-white and pale yellow can be used. For a study room in the northeast, violet can be used.