Get Affordable Furniture For Rent In Delhi Here!

Moving to Delhi for your dream job is exciting right? Then, do you know what’s not so exciting about moving out? –  Taking your furniture to literally everywhere you move.

Some people may ask, “why bother to take with us when we always have an option buy new?”. Well, buying furniture is for sure an investment, but is it worth to do that investment over and over again?- No way!

How about renting furniture? You just need to select your piece, pay the rent for as long as you need it, and return when you have move again. Isn’t it cool!

Here are five websites where you can rent furniture in Delhi at an affordable price.

1. City Furnish

City Furnish is a leading rental store that offers some amazing discounts to first time users. They offer classy, elegant and modern furniture made with the best quality wood and hardware. They have a well-trained team striving for excellence in delivery and post-delivery services. They has a free upgrade policy wherein you can get a free upgrade to higher version of the product you use currently without any extra charges if you get bored using it.

2. Rentomojo

Rentomojo is one of the trusted websites to rent furniture and appliances. They have really attractive offers and policies like ‘use first, pay later’, free maintenance service, damage waiver, product swap, penalty-free returns. etc. You just need to place an order from your smartphone or laptop for them to deliver the product at your doorstep.

3. Rentickle

Rentickle is a one-stop store for renting furniture, appliances and other home furnishing essentials as well as bikes, cars and gym equipment at an affordable price. They assure free delivery, installation and maintenance, and a hassle-free exchange as well as renewal of the rental item.

4. Furlenco

Furlenco offers some really great packages that are carefully curated to complete your home. Their furniture is uniquely designed by experts and are user inspired. Furlenco has a great customer service ranging from free delivery, maintenance, upgrades and they even cover damage and deep cleaning costs.

5. Fabrento

Fabrento is one of the most trusted places to rent home furniture in Delhi with readily available furniture collection. They promise the users well crafted packages, free delivery and installation, free swap, free yearly maintenance, and hassle free payment options.