Five Foreign Countries That Indians Can Travel By Road!

Road trips are always exciting if you are a driving enthusiast. It lets you experience the journey to the fullest.

Did you know that you can travel not just within India, but also to other countries via road? Well if you didn’t, here is a list of five countries that we do not share border with, which you can travel via road.


Thailand is one of the most affordable country to visit for Indians. We can guarantee that you won’t regret taking a road trip to Thailand. It has everything to make your vacation memorable including pristine beaches, churches, temples, delectable cuisines, adventurous sports and many more. However, you will require a valid passport and special permits.


You can reach the capital city of Malaysia – Kuala Lumpur, crossing two other countries, i.e., Myanmar and Thailand. Make sure you have a valid passport, driving license and visa for a smooth travel.


If you are travelling from New Delhi to Singapore, you will have to cross three countries, i.e., Myanmar, Thailand, and Malaysia. For a smooth journey, make sure you have a valid passport , visa and other entry requirements.


If you are a fan of long drives, Turkey is the best choice for you with its balloon filled skies, spectacular mosques, beautiful beaches and much more. I f you are travelling from New Delhi to Turkey, you will have to travel via Lhasa (Tibet) – China – Krygyzstan – Uzbekistan – Turkmenistan – Iran – Turkey.


Vietnam is a great place to spend your vacation with its rich culture and pristine natural beauty. To reach Hanoi, you will have to cross Myanmar, Thailand and Laos, which itself is a thrilling journey. You can drive your own vehicles in Vietnam if you have a valid international driving permit and a carnet.