Communication Mistakes You Need To Avoid in a Relationship

Communication is the key to a successful relationship. But at times a wrong communication can leave you in trouble. It’s never too late to correct the mistakes and improve your communication in relationship.

Today, we at HLC are going to share these communication mistakes you need to avoid that can help you improve your relationship.

Hesitant to seek each others support:

Seeking help, being open to ask when you need your partners support is a sign of healthy independence in a relationship. when this support lacks the momentum to freely express or share your important aspects drops. Note the signs and :

  • Take each others concerns.
  • Encourage each other in attaining goals.
  • Do not hesitate to offer your help in each others decisions, be it big or small.
  • If verbally isn’t possible, make small notes, stick them to your note board or cupboards where its easy to access by.

Lack of connect in communication:

Connections are strong when your communication includes meaningful and minute details of your happenings to each other. When this lacks, it leads to difficulty in understanding each others emotions. Note the signs and to improve this:

  • Spend quality time with each other.
  • Do not limit your conversation to household topics. Talk about each others hobbies, interests and involve each other in your hobbies and activities.

Making quick assumption /conclusion

When we move on with each other, we tend to assume what other is going to say. At times, we even end making assumptions on how the other person feels too. These are the assumptions you need to avoid making in a relationship.

Instead, make clarifying questions on why the other intends to share a view.

Avoid using words like “Always” and “Never”

Words like “always” and “never” are major cause of misunderstanding and argument in a relationship . They often symbolize in a accuracy, a defensive mode of representation of what you want to say.

Eg: you never take things serious/ you always think you are right.

Avoid making such statements and replace the words always or never with “I”.

Eg: I’m feeling stressed because I’ve noticed you pay less attention to me.

I understand why you feel X about X. I think that….

Being passive-aggressive

Anger harms a relation as much as the wrong verbal communication. It’s easy to say hurtful things or remarks marking an unhealthy communication. Best solution is address your thoughts, feelings straight forward manner.

Criticism overboard

Constructive criticism is always a welcome, but when this goes overboard, it might drag you down. In certain situations you may not intend to hurt your partners feelings but it might end making the other person feel personal.

Balance criticism with words of appraisal or compliments with gratitude.

Well, if you feel like you need more help, you can always approach a relationship counsellor who can help address your problem in more simplified way.