Rapid URL Indexer Launches Industry-Leading Google Indexing Tool

New York, NY, July 11, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) —

Rapid URL Indexer is excited to announce the launch of its new industry-leading Google indexing tool with a 100% risk-free method to help clients get their websites and URLs indexed in Google Search.

Committed to offering a safe and reliable way for clients to index their websites in Google Search confidently, Rapid URL Indexer uses a fair pay-as-you-go credit system that automatically refunds all unsuccessful indexed URLs to a client’s balance after 14 days. This client-centric approach ensures transparency and showcases the company’s assurance of its unmatched indexing rate, which costs an average of 10 times less than other indexing services. The tool also offers additional accurate reporting, visual charts, and CSV downloads.

“Rapid URL Indexer has a higher indexing rate than most other indexing services. You can get URLs indexed on Google that you thought couldn’t be indexed,” said a spokesperson for Rapid URL Indexer.

Developed with integration in mind, Rapid URL Indexer comes with an easy-to-use RESTful API, a free WordPress plugin to automatically submit newly published or updated posts for Google indexing, and does not require access to Google Search Console to ensure ease of use for clients in any business or industry.

The top Google indexing tool ensures that all URLs will be crawled by Googlebot almost immediately after a project is submitted, and the first indexing report is available after 4 days, followed by a final report after 14 days. The efficient service can be used for any website that needs to be indexed in Google Search but is particularly useful for:

Press Releases: Rapid URL Indexer understands that press releases usually have a low index rate because they are duplicate content, but it uses a reliable process to index each release in Google Search.

Mass Page Websites: Whether it is a directory or programmatic SEO site that isn’t easily indexed, the URL indexer experts can seamlessly index mass page sites.

SEO Testing Websites: Rapid URL Indexer can get lorem ipsum SEO test pages crawled and indexed for faster results of a client’s single variable tests.

Backlink Disavows: If clients have received a backlink-related penalty, the trusted indexing tool can get disavowed links recrawled by Googlebot and often indexed for faster recovery.

Any Backlinks: From tier 1, tier 2, or tier 3 links, social profiles, or citations, Rapid URL Indexer can get backlinks crawled and indexed.

With the ability to index any type of website, competitive pricing, and an impressive 91% average indexing rate, Rapid URL Indexer is the new industry-leading Google indexing tool with a 100% refund guarantee.

Rapid URL Indexer invites individuals searching for effective ways to get their webpages or their clients’ sites indexed in Google Search to explore its range of affordable and effective URL indexing credit packages today.

About Rapid URL Indexer

Rapid URL Indexer is a powerful indexing tool dedicated to helping clients get their URLs indexed in Google Search by using safe and effective methods that guarantee the return of 100% of credits for unindexed URLs.

More Information

To learn more about Rapid URL Indexer and the launch of its new website, please visit https://rapidurlindexer.com/.

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