Meet Eldie—The Only Gummy on The Market With High Potency, Zero Refined or Artificial Sweeteners, AND American-Grown Organic Elderberries

Carmel Berry Co., Mom-Founded, Woman-Owned, WBEC-Certified, California Farmer-Focused Business Unveils Potent, Delicious, Convenient and On-The-Go Immune Gummy Product

Carmel Berry Co’s Eldies

Introducing Eldie Gummy Vitamins: Immunity with Convenience (Photo credit: The Crimson Lense)
Introducing Eldie Gummy Vitamins: Immunity with Convenience (Photo credit: The Crimson Lense)

Carmel Berry Co’s Eldies

Eldie on the Go: Convenience without Compromise (Photo credit: The Crimson Lense)
Eldie on the Go: Convenience without Compromise (Photo credit: The Crimson Lense)

Carmel Valley, California, Feb. 08, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — On a continued quest to shake up the elderberry industry by refusing to use imported dried berries and instead sourcing and crafting products with 100% American-grown elderberries and flowers, today Carmel Berry Company, introduced Eldie, an honest gummy perfect for the whole family with high potency and zero refined or artificial sweeteners. Eldie joins the CA-based company’s line of fresh-pressed, American-grown culinary and wellness products, including: immune syrups, preserves, teas, and balsamic vinegars.

Power Pack Your Wellness Kits & Travel Bags with Eldies

With an increase of people traveling again post Covid, Katie Reneker, the mom of two growing boys and Carmel Berry Co. founder, wanted a convenient, portable and delicious elderberry product as potent and well-sourced as her company’s top-selling immune syrups. Unable to find options in the marketplace that weren’t filled with sugar, sugar and more sugar, along with microscopic amounts of elderberry, Reneker and her team decided to craft their own.

“While the process of crafting the immune gummy took more than 12 months, I refused to compromise on anything,” said Reneker. “Our Eldies are made using top-notch sourcing; have 3X the amount of American-grown organic elderberries per serving than many leading brands on the market; contain only natural, zero-refined sweeteners; and incorporate more sustainable packaging. The result? An immune gummy you can feel really good about including in your family’s and your own daily wellness routine.”

Eldie—The Gummy That Checks All The Boxes!

Eldies are:

  • Packed with potent organic American-grown elderberry, up to 9X more than many leading brands
    • 3900 mg elderberry per serving—which is the equivalent of 6500 mg of fresh fruit
  • Sweetened with only real fruit and artisanal honey 
  • Absolutely NO refined sugars, artificial sweeteners, or preservatives
  • Vegan, Gluten-free, Dairy-free, Gelatin-free, CBD-free
  • Free from harmful pesticides and chemical and sugar alcohol (lab-created sweeteners)
  • Crafted with ideally-sourced organic ingredients—grown in the U.S. by farmers we know and trust
  • Made in small batches to ensure quality control 
  • Sustainably packaged—80% less plastic than typical gummy bottles
  • Kid-tested, triplet-requested, and parent-endorsed

History of Healing—A True Superfruit

Carmel Berry Co.’s gummies provide an easy, tasty and portable way for consumers to incorporate key benefits of the elderberry into their daily routine. Elderberries have been used for centuries by communities around the world for its potent nutritional benefits and immune support in foods, beverages, and traditional remedies for a wide range of ailments. Containing even more polyphenols with antioxidant activity than the blueberry, elderberry is a nutrient-dense food that grows right here in the U.S. Elderberries contain calcium, iron and vitamins A, B6 and C. Elderberry also contain high levels of several antioxidants, which may also contribute to heart and brain health, aid in diabetes treatments, and help suppress cancerous activity. Some recent small-scale studies have found elderberry syrup could also help reduce cold and flu symptoms, other upper respiratory viral infections, as well as support the digestive system and relieve inflammation. [Sources: MDPI, Science Direct, PubMed Central (NCBI/NLM & NIH), BMC, Taylor & Francis, and EBSCO]

Our Mission—Elderberry For Good!

“It feels good to know where our food comes from, so why should a gummy be any different? Even a small, potent, yummy gummy can bring about a big positive change—not only to our health, as individuals—but to our families, our local community, our farmers, and to living sustainably,” added Reneker who has emerged and is now at the forefront of the elderberry movement in the U.S., shaping the resurgence of this ancient fruit through grants, advocacy, education, and mentorship for small family farms and impacting over 400 farmers in 2023 alone. 

Discovering the natural, immune-boosting elderberries in 2015, Reneker saw the potential of the shrub which is native to California. She founded Carmel Berry Co. to bring American-sourced, fresh-pressed, certified organic elderberry and elderflower products to consumers searching for this artisanal superfood. While most of the elderberry and elderflower products currently available in the U.S. are actually imported from Europe and sold dried, Reneker sources only fresh berries domestically-grown and sourced to craft her products and bring this powerful, antioxidant fruit with the highest quality and sourcing to consumers. With an unwavering focus, this mom-founded, certified Women-owned by WBEC, small business is committed to creating delicious fresh pressed elderberry goods to promote health & wellness, and support our community, our farmers, and our planet! 

Super Bowl, Super Fruit. Share these with your Valentine & Leap towards Wellness with Eldie … just a few more reasons we’ve launched in the month of February!

Convenience Without Compromise

To purchase Eldies, visit Meet Eldie. To celebrate the launch, Carmel Berry is offering a 20% discount on Eldie Gummies through Valentine’s Day, February 14, 2024. Use code: MEET ELDIE! Eldie Daily Elderberry Gummies and Eldie Honey Elderberry Gummies retail for $29.99 (40 gummies in a pouch, 2 gummies per daily serving). Consumers can also find the new Eldies in select local stores in the Monterey Bay Area.  Shop Carmel Berry Co. full collection online and in select retailers nationwide. Find Us.

About Carmel Berry Company
Mom-founded, Woman-owned, WBEC-certified, and farmer-focused Carmel Berry Company is shaking up the elderberry industry by refusing to use imported dried berries and instead sourcing 100% American-grown elderberries and flowers. Offering grants and education workshops for new elderberry growers, Carmel Berry is building its own supply chain and empowering the company to focus on its core values of sourcing locally and delivering this powerful, antioxidant fruit with the highest quality to consumers. For more information on Carmel Berry Company, visit and follow on Instagram, Facebook, Tik Tok, and Pinterest. The company is based in Carmel Valley, CA. #DailyElderberry #Gummies #Immune #Health

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  • Carmel Berry Co's Eldies
  • Carmel Berry Co's Eldies
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