Live Well & Fully Launch Pioneering ‘Love Another Way’ Philosophy to Help Women with an Adult Son or Daughter Dealing with an Addiction or Mental Illness

Orefield, PA, March 29, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Live Well & Fully, one of the only organizations in the USA and Canada that offers programs tailored specifically for moms whose adult children are struggling with addiction or mental health issues, is proud to announce the launch of its pioneering ‘Love Another Way’ philosophy to family healing and Decision making in recovery.

Created by Certified Family Recovery Specialist (CFRS) and self-described Parent Recovery Advocate, Barbara Decker, a mom of an adult son who struggled with several mental illness diagnoses that led to an addiction to methamphetamine, has leveraged her own experience on Family roles in addiction to form her ‘Love Another Way’ philosophy. This approach explains how many moms are stuck in a cycle of shame, guilt, and expectations that lead them to stay stuck in the ‘Mom Code’.

The Mom Code is the instinctual way of parenting that many mothers adopt, where they do anything they can to support their child, even at their own expense, but this approach doesn’t work when their son or daughter is dealing with a ‘Mind Disease’ (addiction or mental illness). Live Well & Fully’s ‘Love Another Way’ philosophy encourages a mom to develop their relationship with their son or daughter in a way that gives them their best chance at making better choices and choosing recovery (when addiction is involved).

“As a mom of an adult child who’s dealt with various mental health diagnoses and an addiction (a Substance Use Disorder or SUD), I can honestly say that watching your son or daughter fight this battle is incredibly tough – especially when their actions and choices start impacting your own life in a major way,” said Barbara Decker. “On top of that, it feels like there are hardly any resources out there on How to help someone with addiction, specifically for moms like us. Believe me, I searched high and low for something that would guide me on how to navigate this situation within my own family.”

Live Well & Fully’s ‘Love Another Way’ empowers moms to shift away from typical ‘Mom Code’ behavior, such as stepping in to rescue their child when they get in trouble, changing their own plans when asked or demanded, and enduring “bad behavior” and instead teaches them how to set boundaries in a way that actually works, so instead of “tough love” or “consequence-based boundaries” they learn to do what’s right for them.

“You’ll often hear people say things like “stop enabling” or “set boundaries,” but nobody really explains how to do that effectively. So, when I finally discovered the best way to support myself and my son at the same time, I just knew I had to share this Help for families of addicts with as many other moms as I could,” furthered Barbara.

‘Love Another Way’ still allows moms to love and support their children, but no longer at their own mental, emotional, physical, or financial expense. Prioritizing communication from a place of compassion and care, Live Well & Fully’s ‘Love Another Way’ philosophy cuts through a disease so a child can experience their mom’s love again.

For moms searching for ‘How to get help for someone with mental illness,’ Live Well & Fully encourages them to take a look at its comprehensive addiction and mental illness programs via its website today.

About Live Well & Fully

Live Well & Fully was founded in 2018 by Certified Family Recovery Specialist (CFRS) and self-described Parent Recovery Advocate Barbara Decker to serve English-speaking women in the United States, Canada, and around the world, typically between the ages of 50 – 90 as they try to manage a conflict-ridden relationship with an adult son or daughter who is dealing with an addiction or mental illness.

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