Ireport Introduces Innovative Non-Emergency Report Management System to Address Challenges in Policing

Co-founded by Police Officer Wesley Hartkemeyer, Ireport Aims to Bridge the Gap Between Law Enforcement and Communities

Madison, WI, July 01, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) —

Ireport, a groundbreaking software company co-founded by police officer Wesley Hartkemeyer, announces its state-of-the-art non-emergency report management system. The platform, developed for both police departments and citizens, can divert non-emergency calls to an easy-to-use, streamlined system and reduce patrol’s workload. The platform results from Hartkemeyer’s six years of experience in law enforcement and his dedication to driving positive change in policing. Ireport has received approval from police chiefs and command staff members and is targeting PDs for adoption.

Ireport’s mission is to transform the landscape of community safety by tackling challenges such as overburdened patrol officers, lack of transparency, and strained relationships between police and civilians. The company believes in fostering open communication, accountability, and a community-centric approach to modernizing policing, empowering citizens to have a voice in shaping their local police services.

“At Ireport, we recognize the need for change in policing, and we are committed to being part of the solution,” said Hartkemeyer. “Our innovative technology aims to bridge the gap between law enforcement and communities, promoting transparency, trust, and collaboration. We believe that working together can create safer, more connected communities and support the dedicated officers who strive to serve and protect.”

By reducing busy work and outdated processes, Ireport aims to be at least three times more efficient than the current call-in process.

For department use, the Civilian Relationship Management (CRM) system offers tools to streamline the reporting process by providing real-time case updates and enhancing data-driven decision-making by police departments. For citizen use, Ireport’s mobile app empowers users to easily report non-emergency incidents, promoting transparency and accountability in policing. With features like neighborhood report feeds and suspect identification tools, the app showcases the power of collaboration between law enforcement and the community in creating safer environments and rebuilding trust.

Overall, the Ireport platform provides a user-friendly, standardized system for non-emergency calls; Ireport enables officers to prioritize their time and resources more effectively, focusing on immediate threats and community engagement.

“We acknowledge the challenges law enforcement faces and the communities they serve,” added Hartkemeyer. “Ireport will continue developing innovative solutions that support officers in their tireless efforts while addressing the community’s concerns. Together, we can shape a future of policing that is efficient, accountable, and responsive to all needs.”

Ireport is actively demoing its software to departments and is eager to meet with law enforcement leadership. Additionally, Ireport invites city leaders, community organizations, and concerned citizens to join the movement for positive change in policing and become ambassadors for a safer, more connected future.

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