Armco Barrier Supplies Fabricating and Selling Armco Barriers To Multiple Industries for Over 20 Years

Smeeton Westerby, United Kingdom, Oct. 31, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Armco Barriers Supplies, a family-run company dedicated to providing robust and reliable Armco Barrier solutions at competitive rates, is thrilled to announce its celebration of fabricating and selling Armco Barriers to multiple industries for over 20 years.

With the company’s paramount focus on providing a long-lasting solution to protect people, property, and vehicles in various environments like schools, car parks, warehouses, and more, Armco Barrier Supplies has become renowned within the industry for its Armco Barrier that, for over two decades have been utilised to ensure safety across various sectors including industrial, commercial, and public spaces.

Originally designed to prevent vehicular accidents in off-highway environments, over the years, Armco Barriers’ high-quality manufacturing, versatility and adaptability have proved popular, leading to a diversification in the barriers use as a cost-effective option to reliably protect buildings, plant machinery and agricultural equipment from impact, along with being an ideal solution for car parks, by offering drivers guidance as well as protection.

At Armco Barrier Supplies, we’re proud to have built our reputation as being the honest, straightforward and reliable choice for our customers on all things Armco Barrier related,” said a spokesperson for Armco Barrier Supplies. “Safety is paramount in the crash barrier industry. This is why we only manufacture barriers to the highest specifications recognised across the industry.”

Armco Barrier Supplies’ corrugated crash barriers are made from high-quality steel. They are galvanised to ensure a maintenance-free service for around 25 years. All Armco barrier products are produced in accordance with BS 6180 industry standards, as well as recycling only of steel remnants, as well as being galvanised to BS 1461 and welded to BS 4872.

The company’s Armco Barrier Posts are crucial components of the Armco Barrier system, providing support and structure to the barriers. The posts have been manufactured to be sturdy, robust, and resilient to withstand impacts while also ensuring the effectiveness, longevity and contributing to the overall functionality of Armco Barriers.

Adhering to only the highest quality standards, Armco Barrier Posts are incredibly cost-effective due to their easy installation and maintenance, allowing damaged components to be changed instead of replacing the whole system. Armco Barrier Posts come in a variety of different types to efficiently cater to a diverse range of safety requirements and applications. These include:

RSJ Posts: This range of posts give the highest protection from impact and are recommended for use where there is a high traffic volume and/or to protect high value plants or pedestrians. The RSJ Posts are available in both bolt down and dig-in options.

Z Posts: These posts offer a slightly lower level of protection and are generally used in low risk/traffic areas. They have 2 sizes offered, 125 x 90 and 100 x 50, in both Bolt Down and Dig-in options.

Armco Barriers come in varied forms and have a broad application, such as safety, perimeter establishment and can be used both internally and externally. The Barriers are Installed in areas to separate the public from transport areas, such as ports and airports, as well as where Health and Safety specify the necessity for public protection.

With options of concrete barriers, plastic barriers, and metal barriers, Armco Barriers also come in an assortment of sizes that offer varying levels of protection. Businesses can choose from different post heights and barrier lengths, as well as adding handrails for pedestrian use.

Additionally, Armco Barrier Supplies provides a bespoke fabrication service that allows Armco Specialists to work with customers to provide effective safety solutions and develop an Armco range to suit their individual requirements.

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Armco Barrier Supplies is one of the UK’s leading suppliers of crash barriers and crash barrier posts. The company only provides Armco barriers manufactured to the highest quality and ensures fast delivery is guaranteed to all destinations throughout the UK.

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